August 2013

Crunch Time

With our final days at Happy Valley among us, we have hunkered down in the Intern Cave to beautify and finalize our presentation. Everything is coming along in the dungeon for the presentation. The lounge however, could use some cleaning (and our room…mostly my half…sorry
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The black and white map of the grounds was approved today! It says, “APPROVED
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Week in Review: Camp Opp 2!

So it’s Thursday. …Throwback Thursday! Just in time for a week-old week in review post! YAY! haha. Seriously, I don’t know where the time goes.  Last week we had the second Camp Opportunity here! It was a great opportunity to see some familiar faces again. (Haha, I k
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Antonia’s Mom and Sister visited!

A few weeks ago, my Mom and my sister flew out from Kansas to come visit me (and my Mom’s cousin.) Yay! I took them all around to see Santa Cruz’s HUGE downtown area. And we walked down the beach and saw the boardwalk. They stayed here one night and then I took them on a h
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