January 2016

Sleep is For the Wise

Folks, things are getting pretty crazy here in the Valley! We’re becoming busier by the week, and our workers are feeling it! I’m sure many of us are elated when our heads hit the pillow at night. If you’re coming by for SPMC Winter retreat, don’t forgo a shout
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The Benefits of ‘Hard Work’

You might feel a bit of déjá vu with this one. Today I made a big accomplishment, and I’ll share with you why I’m pleased in more ways than one. There seems to be a theme of life I think many of us can relate to. Waiting. I just applied to the Graduate school of my choice
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Here, There, and Everywhere

Oh! I have so much to share with you! I’ll start by sharing my joys. These are the beans I am growing in my room (which, I’ll remind you, are grown from hardened bean pods from this summer’s plants!) They have been so beautifully responding to the sun every day, perk
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It’s the Perfect Day to Garden!

Hello! Welcome back for another week of Happy Valley Farming! This week, we are harvesting big, moving ground, analyzing seedlings, planning curriculum, and revamping old systems. We’ll start with the most recently exciting event: Harvesting Big! In a single harvest today, I pic
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Happy Holidays from Happy Valley Farms! I hope you have spent the holiday in a comfortable, pleasing environment. I personally have been blessed to reunite with my family in Houston for a warm, humid week. The year of 2015 has passed, thus it is appropriate to take advantage of this t
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