April 2016

Harvest! Affirmation! Veggie Abundance!

Aha, another week of events and challenges to behold… I am overcome with community and continuity after last weekend’s group, SPMC Youth Ministries Workshop, visited Happy Valley. Many of you, I’m sure, were present and enjoyed our time together. One of our Summer In
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Demolish. Rebuild.

Tragedy has befallen the garden this week. The night after I transplanted cherry tomato and pepper starts into the greenhouse, strong winds demolished the structure and cold temperatures mercilessly killed all but three of the young tomato plants. There were a few pepper casualties as
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Do. And Share!

Hello friends! It’s good to see you again. Before I head off to Iowa for a quick visit, I have some great pictures to share with you from this week. I warned you they are great, did I not? Well I started out with my favorite one, so you’ve seen the best of the show. The re
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Journey to Heaven On Earth

I have mixed emotions about my now very open, big window that has been hiding for the past 3 months! I’m sad, a bit, that the tomato plants are gone, but everything seems much brighter and open now! My room somehow feels cleaner….oh wait, that’s because I did clean m
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The Beauty is Everywhere

Hi friends, hi family! I’m glad you came to read this post today. It pleases me to share my adventures in the garden with you. I especially appreciate the comments! My mom was lucky enough to hear my exclamation over the phone when I discovered my very first tomato forming. Look
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