ACA Articles

ACA Article #1, 2016

This week, Mikayla, Brickell, Stanley, Tim, and I gathered to discuss our first of many ACA articles. To refresh you, ACA stands for American Camp Association, which is a nationwide association dedicated to always improving the camp experience and protecting camps legally. Tim worked
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Different Needs

Hello World! So as part on the intern experience we have all become members of the American Camping Association (ACA) and from the get go Tim had a couple of articles that he suggested we read. The one that I would like to talk about is linked below, and is titled Moving from Mainstre
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Camp Creates Advantage

As part of our intern duties, we have to read ACA articles about informational things. (And even though my brain is fried from the school year, it isn’t too bad.) The article we read last week was titled “The Argument We Must Learn To Make: Camp Creates Advantage” by Erec Hillis. It t
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