Facilities and Grounds

ACA Article #1, 2016

This week, Mikayla, Brickell, Stanley, Tim, and I gathered to discuss our first of many ACA articles. To refresh you, ACA stands for American Camp Association, which is a nationwide association dedicated to always improving the camp experience and protecting camps legally. Tim worked
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Work Together For the Better!

Today was really exciting for me, aside from my personal successes of moving right along in my online courses. Wow, does that feel good! It was a great day because my loyal kitchen co-worker Louie joined me in the garden! Having other Happy Valley employees in the garden has multiple
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Weekends Are Meant For Working!

We had a momentous weekend here in the Valley! Oh, it was wonderful – the merging of friends, family, and strangers to work with a common purpose slashed item after item off our heavily laden to-do list. Personally, I brought in seven outsiders, all adorned with a “do-it-for-me-becaus
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Senior High Work Day

Recently, Happy Valley Conference Center acquired 40 acres of new land on the north side. That’s how it gained it’s clever name “The North 40”! With all this new land, HVCC has a goal to clean it up and create an area that will benefit the campground and the am
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