Intern Adventures

Business Plan Progress

Although Clayton has left us and gone back to Iowa (where he’s probably melting from all the humidity) Angie and I have continued to be hard at work on our business plan! A lot of our focus has been on physical actions. We have spent a substantial amount of time hiking the North
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Royals 4 The Win! And Cromberg

Hello Readers! Today was a glorious day indeed! We midwestern hearts were greeted by our very own Royals. They were gracious enough to come straight to Oakland so we could reunite once more. The day was warm, warmer in the sun than the shade, which is where our tickets placed us. Tim,
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The Top of the World

When I first thought of California, I expected beaches and palm trees, but Happy Valley is much different than that. The campground here is surrounded by redwoods, as many of you know, and because of the beautifully elegant trees, the hiking here is pretty amazing. My favorite trail s
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