Happy Friday! (or Saturday, or Sunday, or Monday… whichever day this gets to you). If we are going to see your shining face this week for SPMC reunion, then by golly, we can’t wait for you to get here! Word on the street is that our projected, comparatively low numbers hav
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Times, They Are a-Changin’

You may have noticed a few blog posts by new authors. Yes, yes, these are the writings of our newest, shiniest interns of the summer. We have been completely immersed in nearly two weeks of intensive training in lifeguarding, high ropes course, gardening, and North 40 cleanup! It has
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Harvest! Affirmation! Veggie Abundance!

Aha, another week of events and challenges to behold… I am overcome with community and continuity after last weekend’s group, SPMC Youth Ministries Workshop, visited Happy Valley. Many of you, I’m sure, were present and enjoyed our time together. One of our Summer In
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It Takes A Village… To Build A Garden

Why! Hello! It’s been a couple weeks, hasn’t it? I’ve been off galavanting about, getting accepted into my grad program of choice 🙂 and it’s been pretty busy here in the Valley. I know we have a few months, but the busy summer season is on the horizon! Last we
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Weekends Are Meant For Working!

We had a momentous weekend here in the Valley! Oh, it was wonderful – the merging of friends, family, and strangers to work with a common purpose slashed item after item off our heavily laden to-do list. Personally, I brought in seven outsiders, all adorned with a “do-it-for-me-becaus
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