Conceptual Project


We wish to improve the camping experience for all those who visit Happy Valley Conference Center. We, the interns, seek to create new mapping and signage of the campgrounds. Our overall goal is to deliver easily readable maps of the campgrounds and trails at Happy Valley. Additionally, we wish to provide directional, historical, story-based, nature-based, trail, and building signage to make it simple to navigate Happy Valley and all of its wonders!

Our Deliverable Items:

  • A presentation of all of our research and proposed maps and signage to the HVCC board on August 3rd.
  • GPS generated maps of the campgrounds and trails
  • A map of the lodge floor plan
  • Signs proposals with indicated placements
  • Research of potential historical, nature, and story signage in relation to HVCC

Find out our latest project updates under the tag Maps & Signage HERE!