Happy Valley Facilities

Happy Valley Conference Center is located in the mountains between Santa Cruz and Scotts Valley, approximately three miles from downtown Santa Cruz. Redwoods and Ferns cover most of the 73 acres of property. While settled in a semi-rural community, the atmosphere is secluded and peaceful.


  • The A-Frame Lodge accommodates twenty-seven people in six rooms. Each room is carpeted, winterized and equipped with electricity, bunk beds, closet space and a sink with a mirror. Common restrooms and five private showers are located in the hall.

  • The Cabins consist of five separate blocks of rooms - Redwood, Fir, Laurel, Madrone, and Pine - with 27 rooms total. The blocks share a quad in the middle. All cabins have electricity, are winterized, and are furnished with bunk beds, dressers, and nightstands. They each have closet space and a full bathroom, some of which are shared with the adjoining room. The cabins range from sleeping 4 people to 8 people in bunk beds, both twin and full sized. Discuss all of the configurations possible when you contact us for hosting an event.

    Floor Plans

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    Rooms 1-6 accommodate twenty-four. Each two rooms have four beds and share a common restroom. Cabins 1 and 2 share an accessible restroom. Linens are available for an additional charge.

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    Jack & Jill Plan

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    Rooms 7-11 accommodate twenty. Each two rooms have four beds and share a common restroom. Linens are available for an additional charge. Room 12 is designated as a children’s play room/nursery. It is equipped with a port-a-crib and lots of fun toys for children of different ages.

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    Rooms 13-18 accommodate thirty-six. Three rooms have four beds, one room has six beds, and two rooms have eight beds. All Laurel rooms have a private restroom and five have family style bunks. Linens are available for an additional charge.

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    Rooms 19-24 accommodate thirty-eight. One room has four beds, three rooms have six beds, and two rooms have eight beds. All Madrone rooms have a private restroom and a family style bunk allowing one more person in that room to share a bed. Linens are available for an additional charge.

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    Rooms 25-28 accommodate twenty-six. Three rooms have six beds and one room has eight beds. All rooms have a private restroom. This block of cabins is located up a flight of stairs behind the other cabins. Three of the rooms have family style bunks that allow for one more person in that room to share a bed. Linens are available for an additional charge.

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Indoor Facilities

  • Meals are served cafeteria style in the large open beam room. Indoor dining is set up on the tiled portion of the dining hall; outdoor dining is located on a large deck attached to the dining hall and seats 35-40 people or accommodates 75 standing. The dining hall measures 53 by 43 feet and accommodates 250 people, standing room only, 200 people theatre-style, 150 for dining at squares, and 135 for dining at rounds.

  • Located between the kitchen and dining hall, this area can be used as an additional break out space for recreation or crafts. It accommodates approximately 30 dining at rounds.

  • Creekside Hall is perfect for groups wanting a more intimate space. It measures 32 x 50 feet and accommodates 200 people standing and seats up to 120 people theater style, but is comfortable for much smaller groups who want to “circle up.” Nestled in the Redwood grove, it has that rustic feel, but is equipped with state of the art video projection and sound.

  • Pinecone – formerly called Cabin H and our smallest indoor option for meeting space – has taken on a facelift. Newly remodeled inside, it measures 17 x 11 feet and holds 30 people standing, 20 theatre-style, and 15-18 people classroom style, and is nestled right up next to the redwoods. The beautiful attached deck accommodates 40-50 people standing, or smaller groups for breakouts. Many groups use this as their “command center” for camp program staff, or as a breakout room for conferences.

Outdoor Facilities

  • The Cathedral of the Redwoods is an open-air gathering space. Located across the bridge and past the meadow, it comfortably accommodates 125 on benches. It has electrical hookups as well as outdoor lighting.

  • The Gazebo is located up the hill near the cabins, and serves as a lovely outdoor meeting space. With tables and chairs, it accommodates up to 25 people, but can hold many more without the tables. A perfect spot for morning coffee, afternoon tea, or evening “mocktails”. Electricity is available.

  • Creatively designed to keep children aged six or younger entertained for hours, the play area is located near the two most popular banks of cabins. It has all the makings for adventure and fun! The double teeter-totter is a favorite for many. We ask that all children are accompanied by an adult in this area.

  • Located on the main lawn of the grounds, the swimming pool has a maximum capacity for 75 people in the water at a time. Happy Valley is pleased to provide high quality life guarding for pool parties and summer retreats/camps.

  • Tucked back into the 73 acre hillside is one of Happy Valley's gems. Consisting of three large element stations, our high ropes course is perfect for friends, family, or groups who want to have some challenging fun, or even turn the experience into a leadership building excursion. Course tours are provided by APEX Adventures, one of the leaders in high ropes courses programming in Northern CA. All ropes course events are scheduled through Apex, so visit apexadventures.com to schedule yours today.