Welcome to the Happy Valley Intern Experience

        The Happy Valley Camp Management Internship is intended to support emerging leaders who wish to work in a variety of fields such as youth ministry, the camp industry, outdoor education, environmental education, youth development, and more. The internship experience allows development of professional competencies, life skills, and a healthy work life balance for your whole life. This is no small undertaking for either of us! As a Community of Christ enterprise, we embrace the Enduring Principles in our day-to-day business methodology and embrace an intentional philosophy of living-learning-working together for shared success.

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Another day filled with love

Today I started off in the garden – Bryan and Brickell and I watered the garden and turned compost. It was a typical day in the garden, and I can tell my garden is continuing to thrive. I am sad that selfish and vicious gophers ate my Kale but I know my broccoli and parsnips and
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Santa Cruz Summertime!

Last week was Children’s Camp, and I was able to see some of my best friends, who were counselors, and help teach the dance class. I have been helping to teach the dance class for the past four years now, and it is so much fun to choreograph a dance and watch the kids master it.
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Memorable Sunday

Today was an ordinary day filled with random adventures on this Sunday. It was the day after children’s camp and all of the interns decided to sleep in. We did not wake up until 10:30 and went downstairs and got some brunch. After this me Brickell and Maya met up with Tess and Donald
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